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The Agenda for Friday, August 21, 2020

Hello there, dear reader! Here are 10 things I wanted to share with you this week. Enjoy!


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1. I started my job at Hope College 1️⃣5️⃣ years ago this week! Nice suit.

2. Wonder is an interesting little app that lets you store and recall items to remember (think birthdays, WiFi passwords, etc.) via natural language. And even better, you can access Wonder by chatting with your Amazon Echo or Google Home.

3. While we wait on a new Apple TV box (coming soon-ish?) and hopefully a redesigned remote alongside, Function 101 is offering this new button remote. You won’t get voice search, but you also won’t lose it in the couch. ($30)

4. If you ever want to write a good old fashioned tweetstorm, look no further than Chirr App.

5. If Zach Gage makes a game, it’s definitely worth a shot and it’s probably going to be a hit. His latest entry is Good Sudoku, and it’s as advertised. (free to play, $4 to unlock full game)

6. The next time you’re packing for a trip and don’t know where to start, give Pack Pal a try. The site will ask you 10 questions about your upcoming travel and then provide you with a packing list which you can further tailor to your needs.

7. This kitchen scale made to look like a cookbook is clever and convenient. ($30)

8. Fellow Hope College alums: there’s nothing like a beginning-of-the-school-year Chapel video, am I right?

9. Jim Gaffigan has not one, but two new specials on Amazon Prime. Insta-watch for me.

10. Coming this October: Is This Anything? by Jerry Seinfeld. ($35) The book is about 500 pages of Jerry’s best material sorted by decade. What an effort this must have been to put together. And if you want to know more about Jerry’s writing process, check out Jerry Before Seinfeld on Netflix.

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