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The Agenda for Friday, June 12, 2020

Yes, that’s right. It’s the time of year for the Meyers family to begin our annual regimen of camping trips throughout this here Midwestern United States. The kids are pumped, my wife is pumped, and I’m… getting there. 🤣

Oh, I love to joke about how I dislike the outdoors, not showering daily, and all the ways camping makes living a normal life even more complicated. Because it does.

But the truth is — (whisper voice) — I do like camping. I really do. But you didn’t hear that from me. 🏕


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photo credit: Izabelle Acheson on Unsplash

1. The PGA Tour is back this week! To celebrate, let’s enjoy this wonderful Tee Time shirt by the equally wonderful folks at The Mitten State. ($29)

2. And speaking of Michigan-made gear, get a load of The Champ Detrola 33mm by Shinola. 😍 ($395)

3. TIL: Anker is selling a $40 pair of Soundcore over-ear headphones with USB-C charging, 60-hour playtime, and a ton of positive reviews. ($40)

4. Allegory is a sleek-looking notes app for all the Apple platforms: Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and of course… iMessage? (free, with optional subscription)

5. I’m constantly trying to hone my save-this-link-for-The-Agenda and save-this-article-to-read-later toolkits, and I’m telling you: GoodLinks just might be the ticket. ($5)

6. Reader Mode is a Google Chrome extension that strips away all the cruft from your websites for easy online reading. Plus it offers a host of highlighting, annotation, and other research tools. (free, pro, and premium versions available)

7. Have you ever used a clipboard manager? I can’t imagine working on my Mac without one. My clipboard tool of choice is Paste, but Maccy is a free alternative that looks super sleek.

8. As I mentioned earlier, it’s time to go camping! I’m setting aside my usual non-fiction books for this decidedly nerdy selection on Kindle — The Star Wars Trilogy. Man, I love that cover art. ($9)

9. Every year we like to make little investments to make our camping experience that much more enjoyable. This year? New chairs.

10. My Q3 Full Focus Planner arrived this week, and as always, I’m looking forward to cracking open a fresh one. Want to try one yourself? Save $10 when you use this link.

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Vid O’ the Week 🤣

My annual reminder to you that when it comes to camping, Jim said it best.

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