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The Agenda for Friday, May 29, 2020

Sometimes this newsletter comes quickly to me; other times it does not! This was one of those weeks where the links seemed to flow together nicely and the writing felt easy. There’s a metaphor for life in their somewhere. Enjoy!


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1. Copilot is a fantastic new personal finance app (iOS only at press time). I spent some of the Memorial Day weekend testing it out, and I think it could eventually give our beloved EveryDollar a run for its money. Get 1 month free when you download Copilot using this link.

2. This year I’ve been participating in a pretty intense mentoring group, and one of our monthly tasks has been to memorize two new scriptures from the Bible. The aptly (app-ly?) named Verses has been a fantastic tool for that task, and I don’t think there’s a better option on the App Store. (free; premium subscription available)

3. While I haven’t yet tried it out, Homer looks like wonderful app for managing your home (think manuals, appliances, measurements). The app is free for your first home; a $5 in-app purchase to add another home.

4. If you’re looking to do some intense customization of your Mac’s right-click menu — did you get all that? — Service Station has you covered. (free to try, $15 for the full version)

5. Are you living your days on Zoom calls like so many others right now? You might want to check out Take Control of Zoom by Glenn Fleishman. ($15)

6. Hey, the new email service from the makers of Basecamp, will arrive June 15 and will cost $99/year. I’m excited to give it a shot! The whole thing reminds me a bit of when Gmail launched in 2004 and I bought an invite on eBay for $1. 🤓

7. During quarantine I’ve been enjoying a James Bond movie night most Fridays (Julie isn’t interested), but the trouble is they’re always moving around on the various streaming services. So I decided to keep track and share my findings with the world on a website I’m calling… Where’s the Bond?

8. And if you like this newsletter, I bet you’d also like reading Dense Discovery when it comes out on Monday nights. Publisher Kai Brach recently added commenting to each issue, and it’s a fun way to interact with the DD community each week.

9. Book Track is a Goodreads alternative for iOS and macOS. Looks pretty good. ($3 on each platform)

10. When your kid does something tech-y…

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