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The Agenda for Friday, May 15, 2020

This week was a big one for Hope College Admissions as we started training users on Technolutions Slate, a CRM tool we’ll be using to manage all of our recruiting & admissions operations. I studied to become a [music] teacher when I was at Hope, so I always love the opportunity to share what I’ve learned, especially when it comes to tech. Training is fun!

Have a good week, and stay healthy.


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1. Let’s kick off this week with some Nintendo Switch news! Paper Mario: The Origami King is coming on July 17, and it looks super fun. Love the art style. Then the big news… we’re finally getting a proper golf game! PGA Tour 2K21 (silly name) arrives August 21.

2. I’m not certain where I stumbled across this, but here’s a video of six-time Open champion Harry Vardon and others competing at the Detroit Golf Club in 1925. Apparel styles have changed just a bit since then. Here’s to professional golf’s return in June.

3. More old video: San Francisco in 1906, upscaled to 4K using a neural network.

4. ICYMI: The Rise of Skywalker is now streaming on Disney Plus.

5. Spending a lot of time on Zoom calls these days? You might want to employ one of these fine backgrounds from the Star Wars universe. I’ll be in the Falcon cockpit, thank you very much.

6. I’ve been using Meeter (free) to keep track of my upcoming Google Meet and Zoom calls on macOS.

7. Apple announced its 2020 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be taking place online starting June 22, and I’d love to see them announce some of the feature in this iOS 14 concept video. Lock screen complications and home screen widgets would be excellent.

8. Previously I reviewed the Loog Pro Kids Guitar, a 3-string instrument to teach kids how to play. Now kids (and adults!) can graduate to a new 6-string model ($149).

9. ColorKit by TwelveSouth ($29) is a nice-looking wrap for your 13” MacBook Pro. (Hmm, I kind of like that forest green.)

10. And to round out today’s links… our Kickstarter of the Week! Perfect for quarantine: it’s Magic Puzzles by Max Temkin ($50). This thing started with a $44,400 goal and it’s up to $1.3 million with about three weeks to go. Incredible, but not shocking as they are some beautiful puzzles.

P.S. This Tuesday I’ll be golfing 100 holes to support Beacon of Hope, a local organization that provides no-cost counseling. It’s an important cause for me, especially during this time. Want to partner with me?

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Vid O’ the Week 🍽

My worlds collide in this video from Jim Gaffigan. I could go for a plate right now.

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