122 / 8 bits and 18 holes

The Agenda for Friday, April 17, 2020

Hello there! Here are 10 things I thought you’d enjoy this week. Let me know what you think!


1. Are you finding yourself on a lot of video calls lately? Well if you’re on Google Meet but missing the Brady Bunch or Hollywood Squares grid view from Zoom, try adding this Chrome extension.

2. Man, I wish I had Soundslice when I was in college — it’s a web app for sharing bits of music notation. Be sure to have a look at the slices from this user who’s transcribing old video game music.

3. The boys (and girl!) at Accidental Tech Podcast had a sweet retro gaming segment in last week’s episode.

4. OpenEmu is stunning video game emulator for macOS. Wow.

5. I may have linked to this before, but archive.org offers the Internet Arcade, a huge collection of classic titles you can play in your browser.

6. What about that 8-bit arcade font?

7. And since I need to get to some golf links (pun totally intended), I’ve got an amazing segue for you: Golf Story on the Nintendo Switch is a ton of fun.

8. I don’t think I’ll be buying a Samsung Galaxy smartwatch anytime soon, but this Active2 Golf Edition is pretty sleek (love the green) and is literally a rangefinder for your wrist.

9. We’re about seven months out from the rescheduled 2020 Masters, but it was fun reliving the 2019 edition with all of the #MastersRewind coverage last weekend. I’ve also been enjoying this Fore Please! Now Driving podcast episode with Tiger Woods and caddie Joe LaCava.

10. And in the event you need a little help falling asleep some night…

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